Welcome to your CEDRD journey!

You’re about to join a group of stellar dietitians!

Jessica Setnick’s CEDRD Prep Class includes:

  • 24 individual supervision sessions, once a month for the 2 years of required supervised practice. Each session is scheduled for one hour and can be by phone, video chat, or in person. These calls are one-on-one with you and Jessica, and the topics will range based on the iaedp requirements and your specific practice and patient topics. Jessica is also often available for calls related to urgent situations between regularly scheduled sessions.
    ***This meets the CEDRD requirement of no less than 75% of 21 hours of individual supervision with a certified supervisor of your discipline***
  • The Ultimate Eating Disorder Training for Dietitians Package This includes recordings of the Original Eating Disorders Boot Camp, Advanced Eating Disorders Boot Camp, and Eating Disorders Boot Camp: NEXT GENERATION workshops, providing a total of 34 CDR-approved continuing education hours.
    ***This meets the CEDRD requirement for at least 10 continuing education hours specific to the treatment of DSM-5 eating disorders.*** 
  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Pocket Guide to Eating Disorders, Second Edition and The Eating Disorders Clinical Pocket Guide, Second Edition.
    ***The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Pocket Guide to Eating Disorders is a supplemental reading for iaedp Certification Core Courses***
  • Assistance navigating the CEDRD application and gathering the required documentation, organizing your CV or resume, and (of course!) encouragement toward the finish line.
  • Additionally, Jessica allows CEDRD Prep Class members and former members to attend any of her live workshops at no charge.

Registration for Jessica Setnick’s CEDRD Prep Class is now on a rolling basis any time during the year. We offer three options for payment – 5 quarterly payments of $900; 15 monthly payments of $300; or payment in full of $4500. Your first payment serves as a deposit and holds your place in the class. We can provide an invoice or complete W-9 paperwork if needed by your employer. Yes! Employers often cover the CEDRD Prep Class as continuing education, professional development, or tuition reimbursement!

I’m ready!

Click to choose your payment preference. Celena will then contact you to confirm your enrollment and you can choose your individual session dates and times.

All in all Jessica Setnick’s CEDRD Prep Class is a fantastic opportunity to be mentored by an icon in our field, grow your confidence and competence as an eating disorder dietitian, and work your way toward iaedp certification*. If you have any questions, please email or call Jessica’s right hand gal, Celena Caballero, at 214-503-7100.  

*Please note that Jessica Setnick’s CEDRD Prep Class is not affiliated with iaedp beyond the fact that Jessica is an iaedp-approved Supervisor.